Design Process

The prototype phase of invention and creation is incredibly important. This phase helps inventors to understand whether or not their product works, and whether or not the product will be successful. Countless hours will be put into this process, helping to provide the inventor with a working, functional version of their product. One of the most important aspects of the prototype phase is the design process. The design process covers all of the design of the actual product itself. This includes the blueprints and sketches that clearly define the individual parts of the product and the assembly of that product. The design process is important for multiple reasons. The designs can be used during the patenting process to solidify the rights of the inventor. The designs will also be used during prototype creation and mass production, as they help to keep the inventor and the companies producing the parts on the same page. The first step of the design process is verbal. An inventor needs to work to create a statement that helps to describe the purpose, look, and actions of the product. The second major step of the design process revolves around the actual concept designs themselves. Countless designs from multiple angles will help to show each and every part of the product. These designs help to let manufacturers know exactly how to create the product. Concept designs must be as detailed as physically possible. The final major step of the design process involves working with the production managers and manufacturers both before and after the creation of the prototype of the product. The concept designs are used during the first meeting to explain to the manufacturers how the product should be built. The manufacturers will look over these designs, asking questions that help them to create exactly what you need. The second meeting helps to review the creation of the product. It helps to identify any issues or glitches with the creation of the product. When all of these issues are ironed out, the manufacturer will completely understand the design of your product. The design process is the most important process, and can also be the most time- consuming process, of the entire invention process. It helps to bring the invention to life, bringing together the inventor and the manufacturer to create the final product.