Multiple Process Manufacturing

While an invention and prototype may be seen by some as one process, it is seen differently by the manufacturers who are going to have to make that prototype. There are multiple processes that are go into each and every product design. These different processes can include manufacturing processes, like blow molding, injection molding, extrusion and more. Inventors are going to want to work to find a manufacturer who can work with multiple processes at once. If they cannot find a manufacturer to do so, they are going to want to find a manufacturer who can handle the logistics of multiple processes in multiple areas. Inventors should realize that they are going to be looking at multiple process manufacturing when moving their prototype to mass production. They need to understand what their manufacturer can deliver in terms of multiple processes. The first thing that an inventor should look for when assessing a manufacturer is their ability to handle a piece that requires multiple process manufacturing. A company that can complete all of the different processes in-house can save time and money. It may be impossible for some inventors to find a manufacturer that can handle all of the different processes needed to take their prototype and turn it into a mass-produced good. In this instance, inventors should look for manufacturing companies that are willing to handle and direct the logistics involved with the multiple necessary processes. Multiple process manufacturing can make the entire manufacturing process more difficult. Unfortunately, this is generally the approach needed to bring most prototypes to life. Inventors simply need to work with manufacturers to make sure they have the correct multiple process manufacturing system in place.