Provisional Patent Applications

There are multiple steps in the patent process that allow inventors to secure rights on their inventions. Some inventors will go through each and every step, and others may test the waters by working out just the first few. The provisional patent application is an important first step that many inventors look to as a way to secure their initial product rights. The provisional patent application is the most basic application that you can apply for. This application simply requires a description of your product or idea, helping you secure rights on your specific idea. Provisional patent applications are almost always filed before the required non-provisional patents. The term “patent pending” refers to an unfinished application process where a provisional patent application has been completed. This application is simple and easy to complete. Generally under 10 pages, the provisional patent application only requires a written description and a drawing. Those who want to completely secure their patent will need to take the process one step further and fill out the non-provisional patent within one year of the filing date of the provisional patent application. It is important to understand that a provisional patent application will not provide an individual or company with a full patent. It simply provides temporary rights for an applicant thinking about getting a full patent on his or her invention or idea. Those debating their provisional patent application, or the patent process as a whole, should speak with a professional. Patent attorneys can help inventors get through the patent process, outlining everything the inventors need to know about each step of the process. These attorneys will be able to walk inventors through the pros and cons of the provisional patent application and help fill them out. Provisional Patent Help