Inventing toilet paper was great! But over or under is the question?

Toilet Paper Over Under Infographic

Toilet Paper Over Under Debate

Provided by: We asked people on Twitter the age old question of over or under and this is what we got: PLEASE NOTE: If YOU would like to be apart of the question and see yourself here just reply to @webaddict and tell him Over or Under & reference this link. :) @QuteMiche: "over" @CarisaGaul: That link doesn't work, but I say OVER! :) @SirPedro83: Over! @MKAYGAUL: @webaddict That question was asked a year ago by a t.p. company. Over won. @phxazlaura: I'm a lone wolf in the UNDER camp, Joel! @Becky_Rcldlcaza: over! @MKAYGAUL: 2010 The Great T.P. Debate! Cottonelle Over/Under Contest @SirPedro83: is it weird that I found a typo? I'm sure they meant to write MEOW and not MOW @phxazlaura: It's nice to be a trendsetter - even in something as prosaic as TP! @phxazlaura: When I was using CL personals, I did a survey post. Leno/Letterman? Pine-Sol/Mr. Clean? Ocean/Mtns? TP - Over/Under? Under won... @IM4PBS: No underdog here! Over! [THE ? re: Toilet paper - over or under? @DustinBray1: mine just sits on the floor so neither! @SarahSapenaro: I have no preference on over or under? I didnt even realize it was that big of a deal! @collegefor_us: Under! less spin off. Great infographic @webaddict: .@Becky_RcldIcaza LOL, I totally haven't answered it. I'd say over, it's too much work to get when it's under! :) @Techschoolguide: VERTICAL my TP rolls aren't restricted by wall mounts they're free to move @RyanJones: I prefer overhand, but I put it whatever way I'm holding it at the time. @dudeman718: everyone knows that the right answer is over! :) @DaniDaShrekz: I choose both :p @CharlotteO__ over @momofknj10: Over. Its kinda a pet peeve. @davidssaputra: Under @KESHA_FANSITE: over no other way xx ;-) @silran666: I vote under :-D @KuuuUuuuT: OVER ! ! ! @JOPMERCADO: OVER!! @fantomaster: guess I'm for Over, arguably folded in an artistic, utterly useless manner, haha. Current tally on the #'s? Over: 16 Under: 5 Neutral: 3 Current Winner by a large margin? OVER! First of all, toilet paper was experimented with by the ancient Greeks and Romans. The Greeks used clay and stones, where the Romans used sponges on sticks dipped in salt water. Later, in the 14th century AD, the Chinese invented toilet paper as we know it. The Chinese Emperors ordered sheets of paper in increments of 3 or 4 feet for the purpose of remaining clean. However, toilet paper was first documented by the Chinese in the 6th century AD. Another invention by the Chinese during this time frame was paper money. Inventing toilet paper was great because it increased sanitary practices and improved health. Without the use of toilet paper, other methods such as leaves, stones or clay could cause uncleanliness or ill health. In the Middle East, the use of the left hand was the method of cleaning oneself. This was a very unsanitary practice. After it was discovered by the Chinese, toilet paper invention did not improve until 1857. In 1857, a man by the name of Joseph Gayetty invented modern toilet paper. Gayetty produced toilet paper in stacks like napkins. In 1879 the Scott Paper Company was formed and toilet paper was then mass produced. This way of processing toilet paper continues today. The ongoing debate of under or over usage is baffling. For those who feel under is better, would argue that there is less chance of the roll unraveling during an earthquake. Also, the chance of a child or pet cat undoing the entire roll is less likely to occur. The final argument is that the under usage roll is neater in appearance. People who believe over is best would simply say: It is easier to grab the end and it makes it easier to tear off. Most importantly, you save wear and tear on knuckles and hands when pulling the paper in the over position. Interestingly, fifty percent of the population pays attention to orientation of toilet paper usage. If the country could come to an agreement on this debate, it would save over 300 million dollars in productivity thus giving each American 2 free rolls of toilet paper per year. If people would spend less time flipping the roll around to suit their preference, think of the time saved that could be spent on reading a book or writing articles on your favorite subject. To give a little more understanding on the time that could be saved from this ongoing debate, consider that Americans use over 15 billion rolls of toilet paper per year. Inventing toilet paper was great for business. No pun intended. At any rate, the number of rolls used per year could wrap around the earth 40 times. Whatever your orientation, remember it's not too important. What is necessary to know is that using toilet paper far outweighs the problem of not using this product. Over or under usage of toilet paper may just be a preference and the ongoing debate will continue. However, it is great that the Chinese, Greeks and Romans had some cultural ideas that gave rise to this much needed product. Inventing toilet paper was great.