Raising Money for Your Invention

Creating an invention is an exciting aspect of the entire process. Many relish the fact that they have finally managed to put their invention into words, into a patent and into a prototype. This exciting step often overshadows the work that comes after it. Those who create the prototype need to work to secure funding to actually bring the invention to life.

There are many different ways for inventors to raise the money needed to create a prototype or to put an invention into production. These few ways will help inventors tap resources around them for the funding they need to be successful.

Take an Extra Job

The amount of money needed to launch an invention depends on the overall cost of the invention itself. Some will only need to bring in a small amount of extra money to create their prototypes or to bring products into production. Inventors could find an extra part-time job and devote that income to the invention.

Work with Investors

Investors are often the best bet for those looking to go big with their inventions. Investors will assume partial ownership of the product, taking a cut of the profits when the product is finally mass-produced. These investors will be able to provide the money necessary to get the manufacturing process up and running. Find trusted investors who are known for investing in successful products; these investors can be trusted to provide the necessary funding for an invention.

Ask Family to Invest

Those who are looking for an amount of money they cannot come up with on their own may be able to look to their families for help. Family members may be able to provide smaller amounts of money to an invention and become investors. While they may not have experience in investing, they can provide the money necessary to move forward with an invention.