How to Register Trademarks

A trademark is an important and necessary acquisition for any company that wants to be successful and professional. Trademarks will help a business to secure rights on its image. The trademark will help to protect the company’s name, logo and mark. Companies will not be able to duplicate these marks, use the marks without permission or create marks that closely resemble the trademarked marks.

It is important for businesses to understand how to register trademarks. Understanding the steps to the process will help businesses to get the trademarks that they need to secure the right to the identity of their company.

The first step in the trademark process is to search for originality. Companies need to research existing trademarks to make sure that the name that they would like to use has not been trademarked. It is important to note that a business can use a name that has been trademarked as long as they plan on using it in a completely different market than the trademarked name.

Companies will then file with the United States Patent and Trademark Office to receive their trademark. The requirements for the trademark change based on the mark that is claimed. Those who are trademarking a name will only need to provide a description of the name and match that with their marketplace. Those who are attempting to trademark a logo or full mark will need to provide an image of that mark along with a description of the mark itself.

The process will take some time, as the USPTO will have to review the submitted name or mark. The application may be sent back with a request for more information, delaying the process further. Companies should be aware of the timeline of the trademark process and should prepare for an extended wait period.

The process may be time consuming, but can be fairly simple and easy to complete. Utilize the services of a professional to ensure that the trademark is filed correctly.