Resin Molding

There are different processes used to create the pieces and materials needed to bring a prototype to life. These processes need to be completely understood by the inventors of and investors in various prototypes. Resin molding, one of the most popular processes for prototypes, is a process to consider. The Resin Molding Process The resin molding process is fairly simple and used in several ways to create sturdy materials. This is important for inventors, as they want to make sure that their prototypes are as sturdy as possible.

Project Costing

One of the most important things for inventors to understand about their prototypes is the overall cost of that prototype. Inventors and the investors in those prototypes must understand how much it costs to create one single prototype or product. From that point, investors and inventors can figure out whether or not their current prototype design is feasible. There is a variety of aspects that can affect the overall cost of the project. Project costing works to understand all of these costs, bringing them together in one report to show the overall cost of the product.

Product Feasibility

There are plenty of different ideas, inventions and prototypes that are not feasible. While an idea may be perfect, the inventor simply doesn’t have the means to produce the product. Inventors need to take a serious look at three major aspects of product feasibility to understand whether or not their prototypes have a chance at success. Cost

Product Design

Product design is the most important thing for inventors to focus on as they work to turn their ideas and patents into actual prototypes. Product design is the determining factor in the success, or failure, of a product and idea. Product design focuses on the look, feel and actions of the actual prototype.

Plastic Product Manufacturing

Plastic is an important tool for inventors who are looking to build prototypes. Plastic can be molded and shaped into practically anything, giving inventors the shapes they need for the parts of their prototypes. Plastic product manufacturing helps bring these plastic pieces to life. Plastic product manufacturers may be able to provide one-offs for companies that are looking to create pieces for their prototypes. Manufacturers can also be turned to for mass-produced parts as the inventor looks to create and sell multiple products.

Multiple Process Manufacturing

While an invention and prototype may be seen by some as one process, it is seen differently by the manufacturers who are going to have to make that prototype. There are multiple processes that are go into each and every product design. These different processes can include manufacturing processes, like blow molding, injection molding, extrusion and more.

PCB Fabrication

Printed circuit boards (PCB) are an important piece for many different inventions, patents and prototypes. These circuit boards help to keep computers running, allowing for the different energy exchanges and connections necessary for an invention to work. PCB fabrication is the process that brings these different circuit boards to life.

Patents and Inventions

When people speak of patents, they speak of inventions; the two topics go hand-in-hand as most cannot have one without the other. Inventors seek out patents for their ideas and inventions as they look to protect the rights they have over the ideas and products that they have created.

Electronic Product Assembly

The biggest step that an inventor can take is the step that takes the invention off of the paper and into reality. Creating a prototype is the most important thing that an inventor can do; it helps to bring the invention to life, helping to give possible investors a better understanding as to what the product is and how it works.