Design Process

The prototype phase of invention and creation is incredibly important. This phase helps inventors to understand whether or not their product works, and whether or not the product will be successful. Countless hours will be put into this process, helping to provide the inventor with a working, functional version of their product.


Casting is one of the most-used processes for inventors that are looking to create a prototype of their patent. Casting is used in most patents, as it helps to provide a mold for specific parts of a product. Casting can handle a wide range of materials, including glass, plastic and metal. Those who are looking to put together their prototype should know as much as possible about casting. Knowing the possibilities and limitations associated with casting will help inventors to understand how the process fits in with their prototype needs.

Blow Molding

Blow Molding (Prototypes) Any individual or company that is planning on creating a new product or patenting a new idea needs to completely understand every step of the creation process. This information is important to the patent, as inventors need to carefully detail each aspect of the product to have a solid patent. Blow molding is one of the processes that are often used for prototypes and inventions.

Intellectual Property Audit

Intellectual property is an important and interesting part of the overall landscape of company and individual assets and rights. Different individuals are working to secure the rights that they have to their own ideas and creations. Companies and individuals should complete an intellectual property audit to understand their intellectual property assets.

How to Use Trademarks

Trademarks are an important part of business, as they help to secure the rights to the names of different companies and brands. The most powerful brands in the world, including Coke and Kleenex, have trademarks on their name. This trademark allows the company to completely control how that name is used in the context of their marketplace.

It is important for different companies to understand how to use a trademark. This knowledge will help companies to correctly display their trademark, and will show them how to use it and enforce it when appropriate.

How to Register Trademarks

A trademark is an important and necessary acquisition for any company that wants to be successful and professional. Trademarks will help a business to secure rights on its image. The trademark will help to protect the company’s name, logo and mark. Companies will not be able to duplicate these marks, use the marks without permission or create marks that closely resemble the trademarked marks.

History of Trademark Law

Trademarks are an incredibly important part of American trade laws, helping private and public businesses to retain the rights to their identity. Trademarks help to provide and secure rights for the mark, logo and symbol of a company. These branding pieces are crucial to the identity of a company. By trademarking these pieces, companies can prevent other companies from duping consumers into believing that they are the original company.

Find Existing Trademarks

Applying for a trademark is an important and exciting step in the idea invention process. But what if your trademark is already taken? When filing for a trademark, you will need resources to ensure that there are no others like yours. The possibility exists that somebody else has already come up with the same or a similar idea as you!

Provisional Patent Applications

There are multiple steps in the patent process that allow inventors to secure rights on their inventions. Some inventors will go through each and every step, and others may test the waters by working out just the first few. The provisional patent application is an important first step that many inventors look to as a way to secure their initial product rights.

Patent Law and USPTO Patent Applications

Patent law is an important but often confusing process for those who are looking to secure the rights of an idea or product. It is important for all inventors to completely understand patent law and the process that helps them to achieve that patent. What a Patent Does A patent helps to keep your idea safe, giving you the rights to the concept that you have developed. A successful patent will prevent others from marketing or producing that product. The patent also prevents companies from importing goods into the country that are identical to that patent.